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Advantages of having a physio come to you

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13:53 PM

Physiotherapy services are usually accessible in all healthcare settings, but sometimes locating them through convenience is a little trickier. If you find yourself stuck in situations where you can’t get to a clinic for treatment, pinpointing a mobile physio that can come to you is often the best way around it.

So how do you know if they offer the same level of care?


Hitting the road with a flexible approach

It’s a common misconception that medical practitioners that operate on a mobile basis can’t always offer as much as those with fixed rooms or clinics. For physiotherapists that are on the road and travel to their clients, they’re able to provide more flexibility and convenience. This is particularly helpful for aged care facilities and retirement villages that may need onsite treatment options for residents.

When an in-home physio arrives at their client, they’ll usually bring their portable equipment with them, allowing them to set up where it suits the patient best. Ultimately, that means they can get prepared in a spare bedroom or living room – or for corporate spaces, a boardroom. The limitations are far less stringent on mobile practitioners that have the choice of offering flexible locations to each client.


All the treatment options you need in a physiotherapist

Just like a professional in a fixed setting, in-home physios still offer all the necessary treatment solutions you need. From the diagnostic assessment, through to gentle support and prevention – the level of care doesn’t diminish because of their flexibility. Physios that can come to can help you with:

  • Listening to your needs and goals and assessing your condition – be it an injury, health circumstance or illness.
  • Providing a treatment plan that addresses your pain points.
  • Recommending the best measures to prevent further injury or pain in the future.
  • Prescribing the most suitable medication for your condition.
  • Suggesting any supports, strapping or physical aids to help you in your daily lifestyle.

Support when you need it, without leaving your home

If you’re a senior or someone that has a significant health issue or injury, heading out to your local physio may not be an option. Instead of risking further pain and discomfort, choose a practitioner that can come to you can eliminate the hassle of having to go out. Providing services in the comfort of your own home, mobile physiotherapists can help you get back on your feet in your secure environment.

Additionally, giving your physio the chance to see you in your natural setting means they can provide you with more accurate recommendations and feedback towards your living arrangements. They’ll be able to give helpful advice on aspects you may not have considered, like the awkward positioning of your TV that might be hindering your neck.


If you’re not sure if these services are suitable for your circumstances, we highly recommend getting in touch to discuss your needs and situation.