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Priority Healthcare Blog

Incorporating Physiotherapy in the Aged Care Plan

Posted By ,
26/04/2024 16:04 PM
Incorporating Physiotherapy in the Aged Care Plan under the NDIS   The process of understanding the National Disability Insurance Scheme can be daunting, especially if you are trying to...

Who is Eligible for NDIS Support? Understanding the Criteria for Accessing Disability Services

Posted By ,
30/05/2023 14:00 PM
The National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS, is dedicated to lending a helping hand to individuals with disabilities, providing vital support services. Grasping who's entitled to tap into these...

When to Visit the Doctor: 5 Common Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

Posted By ,
01/05/2023 12:55 PM
Understanding Common Symptoms It's not always simple to know when to visit a doctor, particularly when it comes to common symptoms that seem to be minor. However, some signs and common symptoms...

Home Physiotherapy – Is It Covered Under NDIS?

Posted By ,
13/02/2023 10:00 AM
In a simple answer, yes it is. Physiotherapy services are included throughout your NDIS plan at different levels, capacities and budgets. Home physiotherapy exists as both ‘core support’ and ‘capacity...

Advantages of having a physio come to you

Posted By ,
07/12/2022 13:53 PM
Physiotherapy services are usually accessible in all healthcare settings, but sometimes locating them through convenience is a little trickier. If you find yourself stuck in situations where you...

Regular Physiotherapy Sessions Are Good for Everyone

Posted By ,
01/08/2022 12:22 PM
Physiotherapy is a clinically proven treatment plan for several musculoskeletal diseases and disorders, such as stenosis and spinal disc bulge. Moreover, it is an effective treatment plan for...

Even if Your Pain Has Disappeared, for Now, You Should Still See Your Physio Regularly

Posted By ,
30/11/2021 13:59 PM
Physical therapy is one of the most effective forms of treatment for pain management. However, its effectiveness is not limited to managing pain only. Physical therapy helps improve one’s...

In-Home Physios

Posted By ,
03/11/2021 12:29 PM
Is it difficult for you to commute to the clinic for a physio session? Does your commute to and from the clinic worsen the pain and leave you worn out for the day? Are there no clinics nearby? Then,...

This is why physios must be well qualified

Posted By ,
01/09/2021 15:43 PM
This is Why Physios Must be Well-Qualified Physiotherapy is a great treatment to restore muscle function and movement, especially for those who have been affected by disability, illness, injury, or...

NDIS Carers Need to Have Both Patience and Compassion

Posted By ,
03/02/2021 10:12 AM
NDIS, or the National Disability Insurance Scheme, is a system adopted by Australia to offer support to those who are differently-abled. The aim of the NDIS is to provide support to these individuals...