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Even if Your Pain Has Disappeared, for Now, You Should Still See Your Physio Regularly

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13:59 PM

Physical therapy is one of the most effective forms of treatment for pain management. However, its effectiveness is not limited to managing pain only. Physical therapy helps improve one’s flexibility, mobility, and muscle strength. It is also used to treat the complications of neurological conditions, such as stroke and spinal cord injuries. Furthermore, physical therapy can also help you manage sports-related injuries while speeding up the recovery process and also aids in reducing the need for surgery in some cases.

If you have been relying on physical therapy as a pain management tool, you should continue to resort to this method even if your pain has disappeared for now. An improvement in symptoms such as pain may be a good sign, but it doesn't always mean that the underlying condition has been cured. Here are some of the reasons why you should still see your physio regularly, even if your pain has disappeared.


Physical Therapy Improves Muscle Strength

When you rely on physical therapy for managing pain, such as backache or neck and shoulder pain, you will notice a significant improvement in pain after a few initial physio sessions. However, that doesn't always mean that the underlying cause of the pain is treated.

If you are experiencing pain due to herniated disc or degenerative changes in the spine, you should still see your physio regularly as you need to improve muscle strength. With regular physio, you can improve your muscle strength, which will eventually help you hold your spine better, reducing the risk of pain recurrence in the future.


Physical Therapy Enhance Flexibility

Physical therapy involves the movement of your muscles, tendons, and joints, enhancing your body's overall flexibility. Your physiotherapist relies on various movements and techniques that help reduce pain and stiffness and enhance flexibility, which, in turn, improves your overall quality of life.


Better Management of Symptoms and Complications of Neurological Conditions

In some cases, physiotherapy is not only used to manage pain. Still, it is also used as a tool to manage symptoms of neurological conditions, such as stroke and recovery from an injury or trauma. In that case, pain may not be a major concern. However, the idea is to speed up the recovery process and improve the overall quality of life. Hence, you should continue to see your physio regularly in such situations.


Physical Therapy at Priority Healthcare Services

If you are looking for a Melbourne-based physical therapy service, look no further. Priority Healthcare Services offers top-quality physical therapy for patients of all ages and health needs. And if you are someone who cannot visit our facility regularly, we also offer home visits. To learn more about our physical therapy services, get in touch today.