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This is why physios must be well qualified

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15:43 PM

This is Why Physios Must be Well-Qualified

Physiotherapy is a great treatment to restore muscle function and movement, especially for those who have been affected by disability, illness, injury, or surgery. Physios help these individuals and guide them through different movements and exercises so that they can restore their natural balance and find some ease from pain. This is done through medical advice, manual therapy, and education.

Physiotherapy can be availed by people of all ages- it can be used by anyone who needs help to manage their pain and prevent any serious disease. Physios must be well qualified so that they can help encourage patients to recover faster. This helps individuals stay independent for longer periods of their life instead of relying on crutches or medication to keep them physically active. Here are a few reasons why physios must be well-qualified:


1.   A Physio Helps Patients with Injuries

A physio must be well qualified as they help those patients who come in with injuries. These injuries do not discriminate- they could happen to a young individual or even someone who is old. If a physio knows their job, they will be able to provide the best possible care for their patient. They will be able to deal with their patient’s problems with mobility and will be able to suggest the treatment that should be followed.

Moreover, a well-qualified physio would be aware of the kind of manual therapy needed. This could include a therapeutic workout schedule, electrotherapy, as well as massages. A healthcare professional will only be able to guide you towards the correct treatment to ensure that you do not feel any pain in the future.


2.   A Physio Should Be Able to Understand Your Medical History

A physio is not only supposed to help you stretch or give you massages. Instead, before a physio can even begin to treat you, they must know exactly what you are going through. In fact, it is essential that they understand your medical history.

They should know what illnesses you have had in the past and what surgeries you have opted for. Moreover, you should be able to explain to them what has caused the pain in your body so that they can guide you towards a suitable plan. This is why your physio should be well-qualified. Do not ever let a physio who doesn’t ask about your medical history treat you.


3.   A Physio Should Give You Proper Exercises to Practice at Home

A physio is a doctor who can guide you towards making better decisions in life. This means that they should give you the correct exercises to practice at home while ensuring that you have adopted the correct form. A well-qualified physio should make sure that you do not perform any exercise incorrectly, or it can cause more harm than good.

Moreover, a well-qualified physio knows when it is time to be assertive. While having a gentle doctor is great, sometimes you need someone who will ensure that you perform all exercises without being lazy.