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In-home physio can be better for older Melbournians

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17:28 PM

When individuals – no matter their age – experience injuries or areas of pain throughout the body, initiating treatment to prevent further damage and discomfort is vital. Physiotherapy has long been a solution for resolving many painful issues, especially within the older population of Australia. Luckily, there are also plenty of supportive techniques that can be used to assess the condition that requires attention, allowing for the most practical treatment option to be actioned.  

But when the pain becomes too much or mobility is an issue, how do older generations get to a quality-orientated professional to get the treatment they need?

Over the last few years, the rise of in-home physios in Melbourne have increased in popularity, allowing for residents of retirement villages, aged-care homes or independent living to access the care they need, despite their limitations.  


What is an in-home physiotherapist? 

Home visit physiotherapists attend the residence of those that need services in this context. Equipped with all the same resources and tools that clinical practitioners are, in-home physios can assess the condition and apply the correct treatment, all from the comfort of the patient’s home. This means those with disabilities, mobility issues or inability to leave their property can experience first-hand the quality of professional physiotherapy, without the stress of getting to a physical clinic. 

Beyond this, there are a number of additional benefits that allow patients to gain a more flexible approach to their treatment options. These include: 

  • Fits into the patient’s schedule, not the clinic’s: Instead of having to work around an opening with a clinic, the in-home physiotherapist will find availability that fits the patient’s time and location best.
  • First-hand insights: One of the most significant advantages of mobile physios is that the practitioner can assess the environment first-hand to look out for any triggers that might be causing the issue. Whether it’s something to do with the kitchen or behaviour around the home, entering the actual residence means they can see any factors that might be working against the patient.
  • Rest and recovery: If a patient visits a clinic, they then have to try and make it back home safely. Home visit physiotherapists can apply the necessary treatment, and allow the patient to rest immediately after, instead of burdening recovery.


Services for aged care facilities and retirement villages 

For residents in villages and aged care homes, having a mobile physio regularly visit the location means treatment can be administered safely, on time and without any fuss of transportation. Delivering all the same services as a clinical practitioner – if not more – the flexibility means this option is widely popular for facilities needing support in this area.  

Best of all, families can gain peace of mind in knowing that their loved one can access high-quality care from a qualified practitioner who understands the issue at hand. Without any need for a referral for private patients, services at Priority Healthcare aim to fill his gap. Additionally, patients with DVA, Medicare, TAC or NDIS can have a referral arranged for them through our supportive team. 

To find out more about our in-home physiotherapy solutions, get in touch by contacting us on  (03) 9458 2888.